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We were faced with the problem of email marketing platforms not being able to cater for our clients‘ needs. The once-size-fits-all approach wasn‘t working for us; we needed a more robust and focused platform that would create, engage and measure email
marketing campaigns more efficiently.

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The App.

The first step involved extensive research into which aspects were causing snags and where the gaps were in the existing public-facing platforms. From there we were able to establish best practise before planning and executing the
online application.

Our top priority was to establish a clear definition of the user‘s experience and simplify it as much as possible. We optimised the app for mobile use, customised the insights and analytics elements and created a system that met the needs established in our research, resulting in a far superior app.

And that‘s just the beginning - we haven‘t stopped evolving and updating the mechanics to improve the experience and make the app even smarter.

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